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By Mandy Shoemaker - 10/21/08

We always use Four Paws for boarding our dog (40 lb hound mix). It is great if your dog is social because they get to play from 8am-12pm and 2-6pm during the day, so they are not stuck alone in a run all day. Then the dogs sleep in crates during the night, but they are taken out to go to the bathroom right before bed and early in the morning. Our dog loves it and they know his name when he gets there!

By anonymous- 2/9/2011

After my rescue dog (a 2 year old chocolate lab) attacked the pizza man on the front lawn one evening, I knew I needed help. I went to Lisa Marie and her staff. We completed two classes - one for aggression and one for good manners. After a long summer of training, my pup became a therapy dog for CHKD. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my sweet Gunner. He attends day care and is boarded there when we leave town. They are fantastic.

By anonymous- 3/18/11

I have been training with CTU since 1985 and would not recommend any place else, they train with love and compassion

Traci Pike-6/19/13

24 years ago Lisa Marie helped me trained my first dog and several others since. Now my daughter has her own puppy and she'll be going to Lisa Marie too. Wouldn't have it any other way!

Lorraine Bott- 12/19/14

I've been bringing my dogs here since 2002 and I love them. They come home exhausted and happy. I recommend them to everyone looking for a fun place to board their fur babies.

Dary Garcia- 9/23/14

These folks have been awesome in helping the Collie & Sheltie Rescue of SE VA with problem dogs surrendered to the Rescue. They absolutely know what they're doing!!

Deborah Stewart- 2/13/15

1st class was a few days ago, 3 days of homework and I just walked my pup around the neighborhood and there was NO pulling. This is a first for us!!

Erik Harvie- 2/16/15

We love everything about Four Paws. They can even handle our big bratty Rotti! Competitive pricing and a friendly staff. The best!!

Courtney Collins- 2/21/16

This is the 3rd daycare in Hampton Roads that we have tried for our 8 month old beagle mix Nestle. Needless to say it's the last!! The staff is so friendly and remember you. They let you know how your dog did throughout the day, like if they graduated to play with the big dogs. You are able to see where the dogs are playing on cameras when you get to the desk. We can tell that our dog loves going there and hanging out.

Paula Zaro- 3/2/16

Lisa-Marie and her team are fantastic people. They have fostered several dogs for us over the years and never bat an eyelash to taking just one more in! The dogs are always well taken care of, bathed, trained, exercised and well socialized. She has helped us to be able to rehab dogs that otherwise may have not had a chance at a good home. We recommend all our local adopters to Canine Training Unlimited as I believe they are a great start to help solidify the bond between the human and their new adopted canine companion. We are so appreciative of the time and energy that goes into making these dogs ready for adoption! Very professional, passionate and really love what they do! Hands down 5 stars all the way!

Michele Maranian Curth-5/2/16

Oh my gosh! What can I say about these trainers? They are simply AMAZING! I handed then a 5-6 month old Staghound (greyhound x Scottish deerhound), that was a WILD man! I do mean wild, opens doors, cabinets, counter surfing! They handed me a WELL BEHAVED boy, that stills opens doors, but a pure joy to be around! Artie is about seven months old and still LOVES to go to training! They have trained three other dogs for me, too! My future dogs, will definitely be trained with these fabulous folks!