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P.J. Reilly

P.J. is the matriarch of Canine Training Unlimited. She is an internationally known canine behaviorist who has been in dog training since 1965. She has been a guest on hundreds of television and radio programs, including 13 years as a guest on WAVY 10's Noon News as their "Dog Training Expert", in addition to being the focus of many newspaper and magazine articles.
  • The second person in the united states and the first in Britain to train hearing dogs to aid deaf and hearing impaired individuals.
  • Assistant trainer for the original Massachusetts police dogs.
  • The director of the kennel management and hearing dog programs for Holliston Junior College.
  • Breeding and raising top winning Great Danes.
  • Owner of a successful boarding and grooming kennel for 12+ years.
  • Attaining obedience titles on 18 dogs in the United States and Canada.
P.J. Reilly is on an extended leave of absence but she remains a part of the canine training unlimited family and is always available when needed.

Lisa-Marie Janotka

Lisa-Marie began her career at age 7 working in her family's kennel, "Arowne Kennel". From the beginning, she was exposed daily to boarding, training, and grooming of both cats and dogs. since then, she has attained titles in the obedience and confirmation rings on personal dogs as well professionally handling for private clients. currently, she teaches approximately 9-11 classes per week.
  • Managing "SnoDrift Kennels" and "Canine Country Club".
  • Attended grooming school in Massachusetts during 1982.
  • Appeared frequently on local television shows to speak about pets and pet-care issues.
  • Frequently speaks for organizations including Humane Societies and at all levels of private and public schools.
  • Assistant trainer for hearing dogs and personal protection dogs.
  • Teaches "Baby and Dog Class" at Chesapeake Regional Hospital.
Lisa-Marie believes that her best personal accomplishment is raising her 5 beautiful children. The oldest, Caitlin, is now a valued trainer on the Canine Training Unlimited team.

Diane Collins

Diane joined the ranks at Canine Training Unlimited in 1994. She handles hundreds of dogs each year and excels with "problem dogs". Diane is particularly proud of the students who have attained "Canine Good Citizen" and "Therapy Dog International" under her tutelage. In her spare time, Diane is active with her own dogs in obedience shows, agility, therapy dogs events and many other "doggy" activities.

Caitlin Sierra

Caitlin trained her 1st dog at the young age of 3! In 2005, she began teaching obedience classes with her mother Lisa-Marie, and currently teaches 9-11 classes per week. Her Experience has come from working with her mother, Lisa-Marie Jantoka and her grandmother , P.J. Reilly, in classes as well in the kennel. Caitlin is also involved in obedience trials, therapy dog work, agility, fly ball, and other "doggy" activities.

Peggy Stein

Peggy started with Canine Training Unlimited in 1985. She is involved with obedience trials as as herding trails with her personal dogs, and also teaches herding classes! along with P.J. Rielly, Lisa-Marie Janotka, Diane Collins, and Caitlin Sierra, Peggy's top concern is for the average dog owner to have a well-mannered, happy, obedient pet that can be enjoyed.